A rejected New Yorker cartoon. Better than most they actually print. And I suspect they rejected this one because of “standards” and not because they didn’t love it.

What I wish I chould tell rude crew members…



I have most often wished to say this to producers.

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Screenwriters read screenplays - Stanley Kubrick


Stanley Kubrick was an Oscar nominated director and screenwriter. He directed, produced, and wrote almost all of his films, and was a demanding perfectionist. He is considered one of the greatest American directors, and his work has been hugely influential.

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William Gibson, @greatdismal, has broken #gamergate's heart. https://t.co/WcJDyzlCdq pic.twitter.com/mWlVfRNKDR

— Tasneem Raja (@tasneemraja)
October 17, 2014

Don’t mind me; just sitting over here drinking the GamerGate tears like they were a fine glass of Veuve Clicquot.

The father of cyberpunk has rejected the gaters.

Oh this shit’s too fucking good.

"I just can’t believe it! How can this world renowned literary figure not share my fear and loathing of women rooted in arrested adolescence and deep seated insecurities I lack the self-awareness to address!? I feel SO BETRAYED!”

Mellow drama

So according to this, women take 50% of lead roles in Korean cinema.

Fully half.

Do better, Hollywood.




Daniel Radcliffe's transformation in the upcoming Horns has been kept largely under wraps ahead of the movie’s Halloween release date. But some totally amazing new pictures making the rounds online today show just how complete Radcliffe’s devilish transformation will be.” [article]


Oh shit that’s hot

Radcliffe’s performance is superb, in a film that can honestly only best be called “pretty good.”