Camera sheet for 2001: A Space Odyssey “Star Child” sequence. Stunning.


Edward the gentleman in this now famous image has requested that no one buy shirts with his image.

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Hollywood Films Fail to Represent Diversity in U.S., Study Shows

This is not even close to being news.

I suppose we should be glad it’s being discussed though. My industry is not exactly the bastion of anything-goes liberalism critics make it out to be. When you assume your core (and only important) audience is always going to be straight white 18-34 males — even in defiance of recorded audience demographics — you’ve adopted the kind of hidebound, hyper-risk-averse conservatism that hurts your bottom line more than it benefits it.

"Shall we order dessert?"

"No thanks… i’m stuffed.

Huh. I dine alone quite a bit — #singlepersonthings — don’t find it awkward in the least, and would certainly find this full of WTFery. Still, cute stuffed whatever-it-is. Do they let you take it home? I’d give it as a gift to a children’s hospital or something.

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I want to be referred to as "honey" or "snuggle muffin"




What happened to “bubble-butt”????

Less sensual. I want everyone to know of our love Pudding

You swallowed enough of my love pudding.

My friends….