So this is Jaime Hernandez…drawing Arzach kissing a gender-swapped version of himself…in the style of Moebius!?!

I have died and am dead.

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I would say it’s doubly important to be a PA, in that case.  So you know how the films work, and how a film set runs smoothly. 

The biggest pratfall independent small time directors do who haven’t worked before is that they don’t know how a film set works.  Without knowing how this works, that makes the set run late, run over budget, and run over time.  

So yes.  Being a PA would be SUPER FREAKING USEFUL!

Learned more (and did so the hard way) in the first week on my first feature as a PA than I did in four years of film school. Not a cliché!

From 1951. Simply the most terrifying comic book cover I’ve ever seen.

Part of a HO-lesome breakfast.

50. And none of that coy "you be the judge" evasiveness.

50. Are you a good artist?

As I am no believer in false modesty: I’m an excellent artist, though I will be the first to point out the limitations of my skill set. I come from an old-school, pen and ink tradition, and that’s the medium I’m still most comfortable in. I never developed painting skills and my color sense is average. I draw in an illustrative, representational style, and I tend to be better with backgrounds, street scenes, buildings, etc., than I am with the human figure. I can draw people with solid anatomical accuracy but sometimes I struggle making figures feel like they’re really imbued with life. At present I have no command of digital drawing tools, but I tend to be good at picking things up. So if I were ever to just sit down with an Intuos or a Cintiq and dick around with it for a week, I think I could get comfortable with it pretty fast.