I’ve been having loads of fun moderating the Twitch streams for Krism and Iziksquirel these last few weeks, and I’ve enjoyed making new friends (Izik, Chloraloner, etc.) and look forward to making many more in a new online community that gives me a welcome break from my film work.

Something else it’s done is reawaken a long-dormant interest in drawing, which I thought I’d lost more years ago than I care to count. This is a little doodle of Krinx in a heavily stylized cartoony style (a departure for me, I usually go for realism), that I’m considering making part of a larger drawing for the whole “It’s Minx & Krism Time!” channel concept. Maybe have them in front of theater curtains in a spotlight, with little scenes from the various games they play around them. This is all a lot of fun to do, even if Photoshop can be as frustrating a bitch as it ever was. Maybe I actually will finish this one!

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